Proven growth- and later-stage companies with demonstrated market traction can take advantage of royalty financing, also called revenue-based financing. This type of financing differs from standard debt financing. Lenders provide capital to the business in return for a percentage of ongoing revenues. However, investors do not take an upfront ownership stake in the business, leaving equity ownership unchanged. This is often an attractive and creative non-dilutive way to raise capital for tangible, asset-light, intellectual property-rich companies.

Optimal Structuring of Royalty-Based Financing

At Armentum, we are experts in structuring revenue and royalty-based financing solutions with proven transaction experience. We make sure you get the capital you need to grow your business without suffering equity dilution —in short, we find the right balance to keep you thriving.

We Raise between $10MM and $200MM.

Revenue-based Solutions for Progressive Companies

Let’s discuss how Armentum can facilitate royalty financing for your business.

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Senior Debt $45,000,000

Berkeley Lights

Senior Debt $70,000,000


Senior Debt $25,000,000

Caris Life Sciences

Senior Debt $400,000,000


Senior Debt $125,000,000

Path AI

Senior Debt $100,000,000

Madison Reed

Senior Debt $50,000,000


Senior Debt $75,000,000
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About Armentum

Armentum Partners is an independent financial services firm focused on facilitating debt transactions primarily for technology and healthcare companies. We provide non-dilutive capital-raising solutions, including venture debt, middle market debt and royalty financings. Utilizing our deep industry knowledge, years of experience, and long-term, trusted relationships with lenders, we transform companies and facilitate continuous growth.